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green chemistry - John Warwick Green Chemistry...

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John Warwick Green Chemistry: Determination of the Composition of a Mixture Lab AI: Amanda Le Sueur 1) Laboratory report number two was provided for my lab partner and I. This lab report included no introduction, methods, or discussion section. It only included a results section. With no introduction section the reader has no background information on the topic of experimentation or more importantly why the experiment was important in regards to Green Chemistry. Not including a methods section or any type of procedural description makes the experiment almost worthless, as data cannot be replicated. The student also did not include a discussion section. Therefore the reader does not know what conclusions to draw from overall data, as it has no scientific meaning. 2) Scientific journals are extremely important to the world of science. They provide scientists with the ability to share their discoveries with people across the world. Other scientists studying the same topic can also compare their own
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green chemistry - John Warwick Green Chemistry...

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