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Drouin Believes He Has More Work to Do By Christopher Webb Going into the NCAA nationals, IU multi-athlete junior Derek Drouin, felt like his accomplishments and credentials in a competition that he dominated just a year before, was being under minded. Drouin, who avoids the average yelling or being vocal to express his feelings, took what many others thought was past him and made naysayers eat their words, in result earning a second straight indoor national title. “I did feel like I was over looked but I wasn’t mad,” Drouin Said “I proved that I was still capable in replicating what I did in my past two seasons.” Before there was Derek Drouin, the Field Athlete of year, the Big Ten and NCAA national champion, Drouin was just an average kid who fitted into the Canadian stereotype of growing up and becoming the next best Canadian hockey player. “The hockey player stereotype in Canada is true,” Drouin Said “I was a typical hockey player and so were all my friends.” Though, with Hockey being the center piece of Drouin’s child rearing growing up, he eventually
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