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ESPN Sportscaster and IU Alumna Sage Steele, found her way back to her old stomping ground and Alma Mater of IU this week, to lend her support to the new generation of Sports Communication students. Steele, with a warmful smile and hair that resembled Arby’s famous curly fries, couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the graceful applause and admiration that most students and staff have come to appreciate in the sports world as well as broadcasting. “I am so glad to be back to the place where all of this started,” Steele Said referring to her success and school days at IU “I am kind of getting emotional being back on campus and seeing all of you here just to see me.” Steele, with a charisma of a northern swift fox, couldn’t help to blush from the reactions of her adoring fans and went straight to how it all happen. “Being here brings back so many memories,” Steele Said “I remember the hard and long days of waitressing and interning at the B97.” Steele, who while growing up in a suitcase, claims she always imagined herself through the
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