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February 17, 2011 Dear To whom it may have concern, Royal Nissan My name is Christopher L Webb, and I like to rescind the trade in of my 2006 Honda Civic coupe for your red 2001 Honda CRV SUV. If you are not willing to obey my wishes then, I am asking for an extended warranty on the vehicle that I signed to take which is the 2001 Honda CRV, Red with 126,000 miles. Let’s take into consideration that the car that I have in my possession is still mine until I sign over my title, I am permitted to at least have a window to void the documents or the deal if what I ask for is not met. I asked for a $1000 which was not met, a
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Unformatted text preview: radio/mp3 which was also not met, as I have a document stating you owe me this, but has yet to be met, therefore, the deal is not finalized, which means I have a legal obligation to cancel the contract. If suing me is you’re next steps taken to get what you think I owe you, take into consideration everything that was mentioned in this letter previously and also that your car was unable to be driven off the lot by myself due to engine problems making it a lemon and eligible for customer protection under the lemon law making it a defective product, thank you. Sincerely, Christopher Webb...
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