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Freshmans of the Year By Christopher Webb IU’s women basketball club who is relatively stacked with Seniors, Juniors, and Sophmores, describes their club as being Freshmen and “babies” all over again. Being the new club team for IU for 2010 fall semester, setbacks from their first years as freshmens in college is starting to becoming very memorable and strenuous as help from the school has been non-existent. “We were the last club to pick practice times since we were a new club” said club president Kari Silvati. “When we go to games we have to pay for our own transportation, food, and entry fees to tournaments.” Silvati said. The players feel the school is being strict and very hesitant of dishing out funds for their clubs financial needs, though they also believe it’s teaching them the responsibilites of running their own clubs and organizations. “We were not expecting any handouts or anything like that.” Said Junior Paige Coapstick. “We
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Unformatted text preview: need to atleast establish and prove that we can stand on our own two feet to get any benefits.” Coapstick said. Although the girls of IU’s womens basketball club are dealing with growing pains that were very much apparent as freshmens early in their college careers, getting a chance to team up with girls and play the game they love they feel makes up for the money spent. “I feel like I am back in high school again.” Said Katelynn Peters who feels playing collegiate takes the fun out of basketball. “Competing at a high nature, pushing the other girls and just having fun, is why I decided to be in this club.” Peters said. Though the girls are very much experienced and comfortable with each other, that goes without saying for their coach Junior Austin Doberenze who though has experience, had some...
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