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Hoosiers Wrap Up Last Indoor Meet.1docxJ200 - “We wanted...

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Hoosiers Wrap Up Last Indoor Meet By Christopher Webb The IU track and field squad ended their home slate for the 2011 indoor season on a positive note winning their ninth NCAA automatic qualifying performance of the season at the Hoosier Hills meet. The squad also recorded their season’s fifth Gladstein Fieldhouse record with a time of 9:30.78, in the men’s distance medley relay which was led by sophomore runners Andy Bayer and Chris Vaughn. “It felt great to be a part of something real good,” Vaughn Said “This was a huge milestone in my life and so far in my track career.” With the Big Ten Championships just two weeks away, Coach Ron Helmers believes the team needed these baskets of wins looking forward.
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Unformatted text preview: “We wanted to get the distance medley,” Said Coach Helmers about the win “We needed it done and it wasn’t easy but they still went out there and knocked it out for us.” IU junior runners, Andrew Poore and Ben Hubers went at it for another down to the wire finish on the season, as Poore this time hung on for the win in the 3000-meters as both times qualified for national marks, with times of 7:53.81 and 7:54.37 respectively. “I felt pretty good to win,” Poore Said “I done a lot of work this week and I approached this race as an opportunity to not only win but to get a second qualify mark, which I think is a privilege and I am excited.”...
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