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IU looks to take over the Indiana Relays By Christopher Webb IU track and field squad will look to stay poised going into Saturday, were they will host the Indiana Relays at the Gladstein Fieldhouse. Runners junior Chelsea Blanchard and sophomore Andy Bayer, looks to replicate their previous performances at the Gladstein Invitational, as they were both name Big Ten Track Athletes of the week, for the week of Jan. 16-22. “I am gone to keep working hard to do better than my last performance,” Said Bayer “The more miles me and my team put in, the more, solid of a team we can become when we compete.” The Indiana Relays will also hold the Invitational Sections, which will start at 7 pm Friday and 2 pm on Saturday that will consist of the best in the nation competing on one track and field simultaneously.
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Unformatted text preview: Coach Ron Helmer still believes that team has yet to show their true potential, even though the squad has been dominating most of their competition in their last meets. “More people I guarantee, will start to show up as the season go along,” Coach Helmers Said “Each and every week, there is always a new person showing up and contributing.” Coach Helmers can see the aspirations of some his athletes living up to their teammates hype and success, but believes not everyone can do it right away nor can you rush it. “Everybody wants to be respected as the guy and the star,” Said Coach Helmers “But our athletes aren’t envious of their teammate’s success because great athletes support their teammates and get better to one day have their moment to show that they are great as well.”...
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