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Getting Involved By Christopher Webb In a new wave of getting information out to the public, basic needs to find an outlet is beginning to become relatively easy to most. IU’s www.myinvolvement.com , with an agenda to promote campus events, volunteering opportunities and workshops is becoming a viral way of generating buzz for many organizations and groups on the IU campus. College Mentor for Kids, are one of those websites whose agendas are to mentor at-risk youths, sees an contingent plan to grasp more of IU masses to get their message out. “Being on the website, definitely allowed more people to participate in events and volunteer more frequently, than not being on the website” president Katie Quinlin said. “We expected 120 people to come out and volunteer at a point, but being on the website double that to about 240 people. “She said College Mentors for Kids now full of staff and mentors, are only taken waitlists at the moment, but is said to be opening up room in April for their staff members and next fall semester for
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