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Mission Statement My people, from our perspective, we of the National Association of Black Journalist have grown, and in a tiresome quarry, we feel we are not rightfully represented. We fought through the shadows of many, yet holding a candle toe to toe with those who others deemed safe enough. We though, with a universal agenda of U-N-I, are stretching to strike our verses to be that one song you can’t ever stop hearing, mumming from dawn to dusk knowing and loving were you first heard it from. So right here, right now, this blog right here, we bringing you that soul, we bring you that hip and bringing you that hop that the IDS has never got, so like the late Marvin Gaye singed, let it be heard through The Grapevine. H.A.M. Review The most anticipated album of the new year of 2011, brought to you by superstar rappers Jay-z and Kanye, debuted their new sing “H.A.M.” , Tuesday giving fans something to not look forward to. “I've been waiting for this for fu***** ever and this is what we get.
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Unformatted text preview: ..?,” Said blogger Uhhhhh of Hip Hop website Hiphopdx.com “This is the first wack verse I've eva heard from Yeezy, and Jay didn't say much (which is unusual).” Uhhhhh said “Uhhhhh” also added “I am fans of both so I guess I have to wait and see what else they have in store.” Though, from all the negative comments and reviews that the superstars are getting from their new single, some fans believe they got all the H.A.M. they can ever wanted. “Just heard “H.A.M.” a minute ago. ..one word, WHOA!!!!!!!!” Said Lex Spoke a blogger on Sohh.com “The throwback energy on this makes me feel like I just bought my first pair of Timberlands to match my North Face parka!” Lex Spoke Said As Jay-Z and Kanye West’s album is due around March, fans are looking for better and while Kanye West is celebrating his last album success in “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” getting national acclaim, this projects might just fall far, way far from that....
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Mission Statement.docxJ200 - ,” Said blogger Uhhhhh of...

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