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One Last Chance for the Hoosiers By Christopher Webb The IU track and field squad will be looking to punch a couple more tickets to the nationals this week as splitting up the team is becoming a rather ordinary sequence for the Hoosiers. A select few of individuals will be traveling to Notre Dame for the Alex Wilson Invitational as others will be heading to Ames, Iowa to the Iowa State NCAA qualifier, as this weekend will be the last chance for athletes to qualify for the NCAA nationals in Texas. The IU track and field squad hasn’t been strangers to coming up big at crunch time in the past, as they qualified for nationals at the Alex Wilson Invitational in the 2008, 2009 and 2010 indoor
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Unformatted text preview: seasons. After coming out this week with a couple of individual wins at the Big Ten championships, the Hoosiers are looking to get more crunch time performances as Coach Ron Helmers believes that if they can just get one individual to come out on top this week, that this week will be a success. “The weekend would be a success if even one of these athletes are able to improve enough to qualify for the NCAA meet,” Coach Helmers Said “When only 14-16 athletes per event are selected to compete at the championships, the competition level is very high and very intense but each of the athletes we are competing this weekend have a chance of performing at the needed level.”...
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