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Promoting Fitness By Christopher Webb Runners flooded the streets in Indianapolis on Nov.6, Saturday morning at 8am. in their efforts to promote proper exercise, diet, and healthy living. Runners, walkers and “resters” alike believe that getting up so early in the morning to do things people tend to not do at noon and night was worthy to the cause. “My eyes are still red and heavy from waking up so early.” Said Kasey Camron who runs her own local non profit organization. “My eyes got wider when I seen all these people here on the sidewalks stretching and I kind of got motivated to the actual cause to show these young people exercise is mean business.” Camron said. Though the marathon was to promote exercise to the young people of America and the world, there were a handful of young folks who came out to join the festivities. “I seen the banners and flyers everywhere around the city, so I thought it will be fun to come out here with my family represent the young people of America.” Said Tim Wall who is a student of
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