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Regulating Liberty By Christopher Webb Rep. Ron Paul of Texas’s 14 th district spoke in front of large crowd on the campus of Indiana University Bloomington at the IU Auditorium on Oct. 25, 2010. Sam Spaiser, the president of Young Americans for Liberty of the IU chapter, claims he needed 350 signatures to get the former Republican candidate for 2008 presidential election to come to the IU campus. “Never knew, never thought that 350 signatures later I will be introducing Ron Paul” he said. “Dr. Paul taught me that freedom brings people together and rights belong to individuals not groups.” Said Spaiser. From imagining doing an introduction he says in speech class to realistically having a chance to introduce his Idol, his moment came on at about 7:07 pm in which the introduction of Ron Paul cease to exist for him. With thunderous applause from audience members who consist of citizens and students, Ron Paul approached the podium with a humble gracious smile. He spoke about how much seeing the young Americans such like Sam Spaiser, excite people of his age of their knowledge on the idea of liberty and getting the word out about what he
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Regulating Liberty.docxJ200 - Regulating Liberty By...

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