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Webb 1 Christopher Webb CMCL 335 February 26, 2011 Promise of Utopia In the musical “On the Town”, according to Richard Dyers argument on Utopia, the promise of Utopia he claims was something realistic instead of something fictional. The argument blatantly called the Utopia something realistic like the city of New York and as downright pathetic it sounds, I agree. The Promise of Utopia was present but fulfilling it didn’t come true for the characters that needed it. The fictionalistic nature of what Utopia’s supposed to embody such as escaping the real world and making things that you hope to happen, come true, kind of was contradictory in “On the Town”. The fact that Gene Kelly and company, had the feel to escape their world of Navy life, was sort of getting to the notion of Utopia, being in New York City made the Utopia go to greater lengths as it’s one of the most dynamic cities when it comes to escaping and being free as any place can get. The character’s in the movie was also ironic in a sense, as the men and women in the film seem to switch roles, as the women were looking for their Utopia in the main male character’s
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Promise of Utopia.docx1C190 - Webb 1 Christopher Webb CMCL...

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