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Christopher Webb CMCL 392: Media Genre Professor Segal September 18, 2011 The four fundamental tendencies of documentary film are that is most of time the “film of fact” (13), which means that the film will indeed have truth to it and evidence to back up these truths. Documentary film is “non-fiction”(13), the realm of information and distinctly different from cinematic arts and it’s creative art as most people will love to be engage by technology and imagination. In a sense most people are too lazy and too imaginative to look in a realm in which reality exist and exposes the harsh conditions in which we live in. Renov, as I interpreted it, is saying that although documentary is somewhat “boring”, yet it has something that cinema doesn’t have which is informational realism. The documentary “Hoop Dreams” was probably one of the best documentaries filmed as it exposed the harsh conditions of two African American teenagers growing up in the south side of Chicago.
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Unformatted text preview: The only way to survive was basketball for them and the five years that these teens were being filmed their lives never seem to get that much better. The documentary had little commercial appeal when it came out as well the families were still struggling after filming. The structure that these documentaries such as “Hoop Dream” embodied was a look at issues and problems that people other than themselves face. People rather see an army of robots taken over the world and flying from out of space trying to take over the world, then some story of two poor African America kids playing ball to make a better life for themselves. Renov was quoted as saying that documentary film is “the realm of information and expositon, rather than diegetic sound or imagination” (13) which means we are not entertained by facts nor real existence of things that will make us sad, or things that we avoid....
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