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December 11, 2010 Christopher Webb Prof. Williams 405 AAA-D Black Power at the Local Level In Pinel Josephs “Black Power at the Local Level”, I adumbrated from my review of his thesis is that Joseph believed that the response of the Black Power Movement and its violent state during the civil rights movement between the 50’s and 70’s in urban communities in the north, was a reaction. A reaction Joseph believe perpetrated the black communities in the North to began using violence and a militant way of fighting for their respect and freedom from the government discriminatory hold. The south caused the northern brothers and sisters, to discharge an anger of some sort, although what the north was experiencing was something of internal conflicts, as most were poor, lived in crime and had little faith. The south had somewhat of a different crisis to attend to, than their fellow brethren up north, who was not expose hands on to racial prejudices, whom lived their life mostly in fair through violence of whites. Joseph’s main argument is that pioneers such as Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X, led a charge of what was to become the Black Panther movement and the NOI (Nation of Islam). The gentlemen both had agendas to use their own strengths to fight off their white oppressors. The stain of his point was that these communities in the north rebelled from the southern ways of retaliation against their oppressors, somewhat not recognizing the affects it had on race relations. The rebel distinction of the northern cities,
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December 11-1.docx405 - Christopher Webb Prof Williams 405...

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