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Christopher Webb Prof. J.H. Stanfield, II A-407 African American and African Protest Strategies March 30, 2011 Malcolm: The Life of a Man Who Changed Black America Review In Bruce Perry’s biography of Malcolm X, the most controversial component in his tale of one of African American community’s greatest heroes was the fact that Malcolm X was indeed a Bi-Sexual. It seemed as though the fact that Malcolm X was maybe Bi-Sexual somewhat caused an eclipsed on other parts of what he did, as far as socially in Harlem and other black communities. In Bruce Perry’s book he talks briefly about how Malcolm X was a street hustler and his promiscuous lifestyle of a free spirit. It was don on blacks who most likely lived this lifestyle to end up in jails or someone else in the gutters. The book labeled Malcolm in his early life as sensitive and of victim of women dominance in his life. Most people later after the death of Malcolm X, called him out on his sexual fantasies
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Unformatted text preview: and it showed in movies like Malcolm X directed by Spike Lee, who showed Denzel Washington selling his body. It cause people to wonder, why would he sell himself for money when he can pimp, sell drugs or steal on the streets easily. Perry, regularly embark on a journey of somewhat outing Malcolm X, as he talks about his school days as a boy and bragging about men whom he had sex with. Perry was outing this famous black man, as well as criticizing the African History format of just acknowledging straight black people and not LGBT blacks. Most people denied Perrys claims of this accusation, yet in a way the book did seem to have some resonance of truth to it and I believed it was brilliantly written in the contexts of personal biographical novel. Work Cited usa
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Christopher Webb.docx407 - and it showed in movies like...

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