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Musical the Musical!: Portfolio 4 and 5 Chris, Jacob and Mark Productions (The Musical) Shooting Locations: Classroom o Screen Room down stairs, or room upstairs. Time: Three days, not too shabby. . Schedule Days: Thursday, March 24, 2011 to Pending Apartment o Dark room for dream scene. o Editing rooms in Student Office Building o Open places across campus for montage and dream scenes. Time: Three days to a week, due to if we need to find alternative rooms, just in case those days the rooms aren’t accessible or off-limits as well the weather outside that can affect the cameras focus
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Unformatted text preview: Schedule Day: Wednesday 23, 2011 to Pending Editing: Time: Two to Six days, due to the amount of shots, the elements of weather, our schedule or creativity problems Schedule: Credits/Roles: Director o Jacob Saffold Assistant Directors o-Mark Totte o-Chris Webb Audio Supervisor o-Chris Webb-Shot Logger o-All of us-Attention to continuity o-Chris Webb-Primary Editor o-Mark Totte-Location Overseer o-Jacob Saffold-Costume and Props o-Jacob Saffold-Music supervisor o-Jacob Saffold-Lighting Supervisor o-Chris Webb-Talent o-Jacob Saffold o-Mark Totte...
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Final List.doc335 - Schedule Day: Wednesday 23, 2011 to...

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