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Christopher Webb In Lynn Spigel’s article “Women’s Work, she blatantly try to hit on points in which she believed what held back women from working and the way that the housewife persona was being portrayed in the media. The two spheres of human activity that the middle-class ideals of domesticity were built upon in Spigel’s article was the fact that she had a belief that the ideals of middle class was predicted upon leisure time and work time. The two spheres she believed was a divided line in normal households was that the home, being a domain fit for the women, was or is a site of rejuvenation and consumption and the public world, being the place for productive labor. Spigel believe the complication of these two spheres made the housewife become more exposed and marketable by businesses who set up media networks to be advertised for those women to stay in their places at home and do housewife chores. Her argument is the fact that, house wives where being giving outlets to cope with staying home and feeling exploited, with soap operas,
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