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Christopher Webb March 23, 2011 CLMC 324: Persuasion Professor Golan Power Point Idea Thesis Statement: I am looking for my thesis statement to be the introduction to my topic and then redirecting towards my topics, which will be about two slides, one pic The Beginning: Summarize it to a smaller history lesson on slaves and the beginning of how It became to exist, will elaborate more by speech, thinking four slides, one or two pics. New Found Methods:
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Unformatted text preview: Summarize it in six to seven slides, yet still will elaborate on it without full text of topic on slide, two or three pics. Religion: Summarize in four slides, will elaborate more, and can go in-depth with African Slaves actual religion if you want, pictures to get the meaning of it. Today: I will write more probably on it this topics and elaborate more on modern times scarring by the effect of slavery using coercion and persuasion....
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