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Webb 1 Christopher Webb CMCL 324: Persuasion February 28, 2011 My Proposal For my proposal I thought of the idea to do a Power Point presentation on persuasion in slavery days and It will be titled “Persuade to Enslave”. My whole body that I will be presenting will be sort of like a college professor methods of teaching these days, such as slides with Q’s& A’s with some interaction with my peers, trying to involve them in the lesson to get their take on things. My first slides I want to begin to talk about “seasoning” and the effects it had on slaves psychologically and physically during the Atlantic trade to break in the slaves to become more obedient and disciplining them to have fear so they won’t rebel like that of the west indies in Haiti. My body of slides I want to introduce Willie Lynch, who was a slave trainer and the history behind his work that allowed the whites in the new colonies of America to take his
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Unformatted text preview: methods and put it in place for their slaves to be loyal and obedient. My next couple of slides I want to slowly address the art of manipulation and persuasion, in which slaves had no knowledge of certain things because they couldn’t read, in result allowed slave masters to have a huge advantage in terms of land, freedom and money. Also in the this section I will be briefly talking about the religion effects that was brought to those slaves attention, and comparing it to “The Book of Eli” in how using religion deterred some of the slaves to listen to their masters as well be manipulated to believe certain things. My last slides I want to use a metaphorical approach to slavery in terms of media and the western civilization in terms of making trends and stereotyping things that oppresses the minds of young generation of not only blacks but other areas in society....
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Webb 1.docx.324PErsuasion - methods and put it in place for...

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