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The first tip that interests me is: “Effective teamwork, information sharing, and knowledge transfer in an increasing mobile and virtual environment are critical to successful team selling.” The problem is, “many sales teams lose productivity by missing calls, waiting for email or voice message responses, and sending proposals back and forth. An inability to communicate in real time can frustrate team members and negatively impact customer responsiveness.” The solutions that Cisco Collaboration technology provides are: “reducing communication delays between team members within and outside the organization, sharing documents in real time and communicating
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Unformatted text preview: face-to-face with distributed coworkers, partners, and customers, simplifying and unifying business communications on any device, anywhere, anytime, and speeding up decision making and reducing sales cycle times with communications-promoting sales applications.” This is very useful information because to be effective, time and resources should not be wasted. Cisco can help improve weak points in team selling, which is useful to know when we enter the real world environment. The second tip that interests me is:...
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