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Ashley Fitzpatrick MKT 3360 Wednesday- 3:30 class Labcorp is a diagnostics lab and has outperformed Quest in the past few years, as far as profit. In an article regarding the San Antonio lab, the sales manager believes that leadership is one of the most important aspects of Sales. He believes that to correctly motivate his sales force, he must lead with kindness and respect. He believes that giving his team space and room for their own creativity is what makes them so effective. He believes that guidance and monitoring is important, but not by micromanaging. Giving them the trust they want keeps them happy, and happy salespeople is what keeps his numbers up. The second company with great sales leadership is Pfizer. I read an article about how the sales
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Unformatted text preview: manager thinks that leading by example is the best approach. He believes that dressing well, knowing your products and prospects, is only a minute segment of what he does well to lead his team by example. By being a good role model, he effectively leads his sales force. He also believes that he is only as good as his team, so he takes the time to understand them and know who they are on various aspects. Lastly, he believes a good leader must have the trust of his sales force, so he defends them when times are tough. I think his approach is effective and would love to work with a sales manager like him....
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