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Refer to pp. 3-5 of report packet as you work on progress report. Note different approaches to outline in examples. Define problem and purpose first since the outline flows from these. Tip : Look through sources to help you define problem. Questions to ask : What is the most significant problem/issue with this topic? How serious is it? How is it impacting companies? If topic is a feasibility study, the problem can be stated based on the following questions: Why should we consider changing a business practice? What factor(s) indicate that this change might be needed? *Notes on headings
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Unformatted text preview: : • Main headings (1st level) should be parallel to each other; subheadings (2nd level) should be parallel to each other (subheading style can vary under each main heading, however). Parallel – constructed in the same grammatical style (noun headings, verb phrase headings, sentence style headings). • Have at least three main headings (besides Introduction and Conclusions/Recommendations). Use more headings/subheadings as needed to examine topic thoroughly. • Each main heading should have two or more subheadings (can have more in some sections than others)....
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