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progress report - C Changing role of telecommuters III What...

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TO: Mrs. Nancy Smith FROM: Sarah Connelley, Ashley Fitzpatrick, and Emily Frye DATE: October 10, 2011 SUBJECT: Developing a Training Program for Telecommuters Problem: Telecommuters often face challenges that they are not prepared for. In managing telecommuters, managers must be ready to provide additional training and encouragement. Purpose: To analyze and implement an effective training program for telecommuters. I. Introduction II. Why should managers consider training telecommuters? A. Common mistakes telecommuters make B. Reliability of telecommuters
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Unformatted text preview: C. Changing role of telecommuters III. What challenges could arise with training telecommuters? A. Cost of training B. Difficulty in scheduling a time and concrete place C. Monitoring effectiveness of training IV. What should the training program involve? A. Details about what the program will entail B. Details about how the program will be executed (virtually or personally) C. Details about how management will know if the program is effective V. Conclusion and Recommendations...
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