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U - U.S companies spend some $100 billion annually on...

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“U.S companies spend some $100 billion annually on training.” (Hair, 2009, Sales Management, pg. 250) “Unfortunately, some estimates indicate that only 10 to 30 percent of all training is being used on the job a month later, resulting in billions of wasted training dollars.” (Hair, 2009, Sales Management, pg. 250) This is one of the challenges that arise from training. Why does so much training go to waste? Well, much of the “training money goes to programs that aren’t necessary or focuses on problems that can’t be solved through training.” (Hair, 2009, Sales Management, pg. 251) Also, trainees are required to take courses that don’t have anything to do with their needs, managers forget to reinforce newly acquired skills, some training programs are poorly designed, and few managers evaluate their training programs. So, if we are to develop a training program for telecommuters, we have to make sure that money spent is not wasted, because more often than not, it is. Another part of this challenge is the actual cost of training
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