3 August 2010 class

3 August 2010 class - 3 August 2010 23:58 Modernism: Cool,...

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Unformatted text preview: 3 August 2010 23:58 Modernism: Cool, Stars & Gossip Gladwell, “The Coolhunt” Diffusion of innovations Refers t the spread of beliefs or opinion (for example about a new drug in this case…or shoes for example) Bruce Ryan and Neal Gross’s analysis of hybrid seed corn, Greene County, 1928 Hush Puppies, designer John Bartlett called in 1994, wanted to use as part of spring line LA, 1994: mystery celebrity…Pee Wee Herman 1996, HP sold 1.6 million People controlling what’s popular are kids in urban areas; the people have a great deal of power in determining what is cool The process of cool chasing is constantly speeding up Cool isn’t something that you manufacture, it can only come from people Seabrook, “Nobrow Culture” Nobrow is a source of status and currency (106) Anti-status status Chain stores promote standardized style, but this promotes good design generally Inconspicuous consumers; new cognoscenti Only the individual owner knows they are wearing brands; gain something out of it Because going under radar, makes it more dangerous Wealthy will go to new ugly extremes In no brow, judgments about jeans are more about identity than quality Relies on bricolage Affects distinction between low and high art “Nobrow culture is in a state of concurrency” style and consumption habits P. David Marshall, New Media New Self Individuality Individuality is a central ideological tool...
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3 August 2010 class - 3 August 2010 23:58 Modernism: Cool,...

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