14 April 2010 Lecture

14 April 2010 Lecture - Class 4-14 Three degrees of...

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Class 4-14 Three degrees of influence - influence dissipates after 3 degrees because: o intrinsic decay: corruption of info. (like game telephone0 o network of instability: social ties become unstable at 4+ degrees of separation o evolutionary purpose: we evolved in small groups where everyone was connected by 3 degrees or less - “mass psychogenic illness” o Tanzania epidemic of laughing 1962 o emotions can spread quickly, how you feel depends on how other people feel - importance of emotions o communicating info. o facilitating interpersonal bonds o synchronizing behavior o preceded language as a form of communication - emotional contagion spreads for 2 reasons: o we are biologically hardwired to outwardly mimic others o we benefit from adopting the inward state of others o Facial feedback theory: people imitate others’ facial expressions & come to feel as they do (the path of signals is from the muscles of the face to the brain) o mirror neuron: one system in he human brain possibly responsible for the
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14 April 2010 Lecture - Class 4-14 Three degrees of...

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