15 February 2010 Lecture

15 February 2010 Lecture - 15 February 2010 Lecture...

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15 February 2010 Lecture Communications Class Notes 2/15 Media uses and gratification approach 8-18 year olds 4:30 hrs TV per day everything but print has gone up in last 10 years average 10:30 hrs all media per day - uses & grat:individual= independent var. - how choose b/w multiple kinds of media - why spend time w. media? 1. environment (s.a. functional alternatives) increased availability of electronic media environment associated with higher media attention (TV in bedroom) 2. social influences no media rules associated w/ higher media exposure than households w/ media rules media exposure higher 11-18 than younger, latinos & blacks than whites 3. psychological influences (motivations) - 1. media use for gratifications: comm. behavior is goal directed, purposive & motivated 2. active audience: audience makes choices though some are more active in 3. 4. media compete with other forms of comm.: functional alternatives 5. people typically more influential than the media in the process, but not always - motivations for media use: 1. learning, hait, companionship (including parasocial interaction), arousal, relaxation, escapism, pass time - Critiques - problem 1.1. finings no easily generalized 1.2. 1.3. methodological reliance on self-reported motivations unconscious memory reporting bias Solution 1. standardization & replication
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2. active is variable not constant active v. passive instrumental v. ritual 3.
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15 February 2010 Lecture - 15 February 2010 Lecture...

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