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19 February 2010 recitation - these ideas hold up Audience...

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19 February 2010 Recitation Edy, J. & Meirick P.C. (2007) "Wanted, dead or live: Media Frames, frame adoption, and support for the war in Afghanistan" Media Frame —Use Content Analysis Starts with images media using (Media Frame=independent variable) effects how audience thinks about a subject (audience frame=intermediate variable) Outcome of audience frame is (policy preference=dependent variable) How they are measuring the media frame: War frame Crime frame Neither -Use resonance (aka applicability) (look at race, income, education, gender, political, -Frequency perhaps the frame that shows up the most is the one the audience will adopt -Research question 1 was regarding frequency -In the end they find no support for RQ 1 -Hypothesis 3 goes along with RQ1 and finds an answer regarding resonance…in the end
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Unformatted text preview: these ideas hold up Audience Frame —Use survey Measured by two different questions-Research question 2: how common is the adoption of mixed frames-Hypothesis 1, 4, 2 Research Question 3: vengeance and war crime, how do these things affect the support for war?-Research Question 2 is able to hold up-Support for Hypothesis 1, 4 (some)-No support for hypothesis 2-RQ 3: What happens to people in these off categories, are they more extreme or less extreme in their views conclusions show these were the people who were extreme in lack of support or in support Policy Preference Measured by questions for support for the war Support for war in Afghanistan Support under adversity...
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