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29 January 2010 Recitation

29 January 2010 Recitation - -Use the cat to represent...

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29 January 2010 Recitation Gerber Article—Political Opinions External vs. Internal Validity within the article -Washington Post, Washington Times (also including VA) -Fact that it was a harsh climate for Republicans, which caused people to lean towards democrats—external validity -Weren’t even sure if the papers were even read—internal validity Field experiment has better chance of being external validity Imitation of Field Mediated Aggressive Models
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Unformatted text preview: -Use the cat to represent picking on toys-The TV part is external validity-Use of the cat is external & internal validity problem-Small sample size-In this situation these kids are already exposed to certain conditions that they weren’t used to What is used in this experiment Artifact: got something from history that has been brought into experiment that you can’t control...
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  • Spring '08
  • Chompsky
  • external validity, internal validity, Ecological validity, Field Mediated Aggressive Models, democrats—external validity

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