1 February 2011 Lecture

1 February 2011 Lecture - them Japanese use a good approach...

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1 February 2011 Lecture 17:19 View introduction on blackboard slides Viewing: raising Cain What makes a boy a boy? Both nature and nurture, genes When boys hear themselves described as aggressive they try to live up to this  expectation/description Men teach boys that have to be tough Weinberg (professor at Harvard)—testing boys vs. girls interactions with mothers Boys were more upset when mothers stop showing attention Baby boys are more emotionally vulnerable than baby girls Important for younger kids to develop empathy by taking care of those younger than 
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Unformatted text preview: them Japanese use a good approach and seem to be less fearful of little boys Boys stories are often more dramatic and complex while girls talk about friendship, family Boys are behind girls in literacy because schools normally cut out the topics they want to read and write aboutviolence, more action-packed things Giving boys reason to believe school isnt for them if they cant fully express what they want Boys 3x likely than girls to have adhd Attracting more male teachers may help boys performances 17:19 17:19...
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1 February 2011 Lecture - them Japanese use a good approach...

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