10 February 2011 Lecture

10 February 2011 Lecture - 17:07 Adolescence...

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10 February 2011 Lecture 17:07 Social Construction of Adolescence  Developmental transition between childhood and adult Adolescence Industrialization Had opportunities to move into city, begin to work and make money Urbanization  Immigration Institutionalization of virtually every aspect of culture (e.g., education and recreation) Adolescence G.S. Hall First psychologist that defined adolescence in its own right Ends between 22-25 yrs Sometimes children may develop faster than they are mentally mature Challenges of Adolescence Challenge #1: Biological Development Onset of puberty Girls 10-12 Boys 11-13 Growth spurt Girls 10-12 Boys Eating Disorders Anorexia 
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Bulimic  Nutrition ¾ don’t eat recommended servings Overweight  Challenge #2: Cognitive Development  What are normal adolescent behavior? Arguing Self-centered Constantly find fault in adult’s position Overly dramatic 10-19 years during this time ability to think abstractly improves
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10 February 2011 Lecture - 17:07 Adolescence...

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