20 January 2011 Lecture

20 January 2011 Lecture - 20January2011Lecture 17:06...

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20 January 2011 Lecture 17:06 John Watson Mothers shouldn’t kiss their children Greet them in the morning with a handshake He was writing at a point in time where people were trying to figure out what to do with  their children Differences in Raising Children Why It makes sense in their particular or unique environmental or social circumstances These circumstances comprise the “culture” surrounding particular parents and their  children Ecological Model Culture Everything that we perceive, know ,think, value, and feel is learned through our  participation in a cultural system Human potential can only be realized… Within the structure of human culture Through growing up in close contact with other humans Back to Why Parents Do What They Do? Behaviors, things, expectations that we hold regarding raising  children…*get rest of  notes Characteristics Common to All Cultures Comprised of learned behaviors Learning culture is a continuous process Cultures are learned through the process of enculturation All involve the use of language and symbols…that is, things that stand for something 
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20 January 2011 Lecture - 20January2011Lecture 17:06...

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