25 January 2011 Lecture

25 January 2011 Lecture - 17:03 FamilyLife...

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25 January 2011 Lecture 17:03 Family Life What defines a family? Agreed definition of family What is a traditional family Family Definitions Related by blood/marriage Basic survival Social support and not necessarily blood-related but emotionally tied Financial support Unconditional love Origins of the word “family” Family forms Extended family Family friends as functional family members Cultural definitions Cohabiting Family by choice vs. family by birth/marriage Adopted or emancipation by child Traditional nuclear family General Definition Family is a set of people related by blood, marriage, or some other agreed upon  relationship, or adoption who share primary responsibility for reproduction and caring for  members of society Also depends upon the size of your family Family Life-Historically Family was basic political, religious, social, and economic unit
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Both a public and a private institution Educated the young, served as first level of government, cared for sick, elderly and  disabled 17 th  Century Families European immigration undermined the institution of American Indian families Puritans and original sin Slavery radically changed transplanted African Family structures Incredible hardship when coming to America
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25 January 2011 Lecture - 17:03 FamilyLife...

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