Case Analysis Template-1 - should utilize and what this...

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Name Net ID, Student ID # AEM 2200 Name of Case Due Date of Case Problem: Here in two or three sentences you would describe what type of problem the company at hand is facing. Whether the company needs to expand into another market or location, change their operations management style, change their prices, etc; simply state what the issue is. Alternative 1: Here you would give your first alternative and explain three advantages and three disadvantages for utilizing this particular alternative. While stating these advantages and disadvantages, giving a little – not a ton, just a little – insight and further explanation will show me that you really understand the case and earn you a little more credit. **Do this same process for alternatives 2 and 3. Alternative 2: **Refer to the description for alternative 1** Alternative 3: **Refer to the description for alternative 1** Recommendation: This should be your longest and most in depth part of your case analysis. Here you would state and explain which alternative you think the company
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Unformatted text preview: should utilize and what this alternative would do for the company, how would it affect them both as a company and in the face of society, etc. REMEMBER: SINGLE SPACED TWO PAGES (no more and no less than 2 pages) 12 PT FONT TIMES NEW ROMAN 1 INCH MARGINS ALL THE WAY AROUND *Another thing to mention is that some cases we do this semester require you to show calculations, charts, graphs, etc. These visual aspects should be done on a separate page (third page) from you case analysis. When you write up your case analysis, if you are referring to a number you came up with using a calculation, a grid, etc (anything visual), simply say it in your analysis and put in parenthesis to refer to Appendix.* See next page Appendix Here you would include any calculations, model, charts, grids, etc that helped you to get to your conclusion anything that requires a visual explanation ....
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Case Analysis Template-1 - should utilize and what this...

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