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Maximiliano Olivares mo343, 2423144 AEM 2200 Google Alternatives 9/21/11 Google has reigned as the king of the search engine for several years. However, Google wants to jump into different categories in order to expand its markets. Its recent attempts to chase social networking have been failures. The problem Google faces today is that it does not understand its users, making the company seem overextended and idealistic instead of sticking to their roots that made them successful in the first place. The first alternative for Google would be to expand into a market that could be the next big thing, such as cloud computing. Google has already been using cloud computing for over ten years, which makes sure that Google won’t make the same mistake as it did with copying Facebook when it had no experience in the social networking field. With Google Docs, Google has already made a major innovation allowing people (as a group or company) to work online without the need of being next to one another. By focusing on cloud computing and continuing to be the king of search,
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