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AEM2200 Fall 2011 Pedro David Pérez Google/ In The Plex Assignment I. Statement of a Business Problem. “By design, a case doesn’t tell you what it means. On first reading, it can seem to be a whole that is less than the sum of its parts. Therefore, you can’t sit back and let the text do the work. You have to read a case actively and construct your own meaning.” William Ellet, The Case Study Handbook. Harvard Business School Press. 2007. p.16 The first relevant step in working with a case study and, indeed, with any business or decision making situation is to examine whether there is a real (or potential!) problem to address. Sometimes problem are outcomes or results of actions, processes, activities, or forces that we do not fully understand. Sometimes, they flow from an analysis of the worth, value, or effectiveness of a performance, act, or outcome of some kind. Either way, they will elicit a diagnosis of the current situation. In the context of identifying business problems, a
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