Soc and Pol Syllabus - Social and Political Context of...

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Unformatted text preview: Social and Political Context of American Education Education 2710/5710 (Cross listed with Sociology, Development Sociology, and American Studies) Fall 2011, TU/TH, 4 credits Lewis Auditorium, Goldwin-Smith Hall (Updated Thursday, August 25, 2011 ) Instructor : John W. Sipple, Ph.D. Associate Professor 102 Academic Surge A, 222 Tower Rd Department of Development Sociology (607) 255-3005 Course Website: Teaching Assistants Alana Butler PhD Candidate, Education Divya Sharma Ph.D Student, Dev. Sociology Gila Belsky (gkb27) Sarah Dinger (scd76) Molly Glantz (meg257) Bethany Nichols (bjn38) Jeff Tissue (jrt226) Course Purposes : This course will investigate the goals, roles, and outcomes of formal educational institutions in American society and the policy environment in which they operate. Specically, we will focus on the sociological functions of public and private primary and secondary schools, including the successes, failures, and enigmas of school or- ganization and policy at the local, state, and national level. In doing so, we will analyze the behavior and impact of educational organizations (at the local, state and national level) as they attempt to address societal problems and interpret and respond to changes in policy. A variety of theoretical, policy, and practical issues will be ad- dressed. The course will include current and historical, urban and rural issues and problems. The course is designed for undergraduates (Education 2710) and graduate students (Education 5710) interested in investigating the role of schools and education-related social policy in American society. While the major focus will be on American K-12 public education, issues of pre-K, private, and post-secondary education will be dis- cussed as well. Education 5710 is designed for Cornell Teacher Education (CTE) students and other graduate students preparing for the eld of education and will involve additional reading and writing assignments tailored for students pre- paring to work in the public schools. Objectives: Students will better recognize and understand the sociological function(s) of American Schools (e.g., social- izer, sorter, trainer, and caretaker) as well as its role as a change agent, an equalizer, and reproducer of soci- etys inequalities). Students will be introduced to education as a major public policy issue in American society. Students will learn the legal framework and justication for local, state, and federal roles in public and pri- vate schooling. Students will learn to take a critical look at both schools and the critics of schools....
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Soc and Pol Syllabus - Social and Political Context of...

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