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Annotation Guidelines

Annotation Guidelines - Annotations Guidelines and...

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Annotations Guidelines and Evaluation Notes 1. Please use the modeled heading including an APA style citation of the article or chapter. 2. In your synopsis , we look for a few things. Remember your purpose here. Include information that will recall the article for you later: topic, argument, new concepts, important details. Include the major ideas. Yet be concise – which means that you’ll have to evaluate and select for important ideas and only those details that help you recall/understand those ideas. If you use this section for note taking, we won’t be reading closely enough to validate your notes. But we will be looking for understanding and accurate representation of the authors’ ideas. One good idea, especially for 571 students, is to include some remarks about the nature of the reading. Is it a research report? If so, of what sort (e.g., case study, statistical analysis, etc.)? What data sources are used? How?
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