Make and buy decision Chapter__ 10 p290(1)

Make and buy decision Chapter__ 10 p290(1) - ACC 202 Honor...

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ACC 202 Honor Project Transcripts Group member: Yufei Ye (A42950761); Peng Wang (A43024896) Interviewee: Professor Brian W. Jacobs (Who used to mainly as a manufacturing manager in the primary metals and automotive assembly industries) 1. Did the companies you used to work in adopt lean production method (a method aims to keep the inventory low)? If yes, why useful? If no, please list some reasons. Brian: A big question. Two main components of lean productions are waste of production and respect for people. They are both very beneficial to save money and get more productivity out of your people. 2. High inventory level can cover a lot of problems, such as waste of waiting of raw material. Can lean production solve these problems? Brian: sure, that’s what lean production aims for. Under the waste production, one of the biggest wastes is inventory. So you attack your waste, you will reduce your inventory. 3. For the industries you used to involve in, are there any general bottleneck (the weakest part in the production line)? Please give us an example. Brian: There are always bottlenecks. Well, you know, the way I teach it, a good production has its designed bottleneck. When you design the product line, you will know where the bottleneck will be. Because a product without bottleneck means you have too much capacity, you want your bottleneck match what you need. For example, you need 1000 units a day, you will want your bottleneck produces 1000 units per day. In other words, bottleneck sometimes is good. That’s the common misconception bottlenecks is bad. They are only bad if you do
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Make and buy decision Chapter__ 10 p290(1) - ACC 202 Honor...

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