1902hw6writeup - CSci 1902 Homework 6(Version 2 Due...

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CSci 1902 – Homework 6 (Version 2) Due: April 29, 2010, 4:00pm (before class) Purpose In this group homework assignment, you will implement a computer player for FreeCell while: Familiarizing yourself with trees and dictionaries with a game tree search Learning about search heuristics Introduction The game of FreeCell is a single-player solitaire card game where you move cards between stacks and try to get all cards into the foundation piles. The FreeCell board is composed of three main areas: (Free) Cells : Four locations on the upper left where any one card can be temporarily held. Foundations : Four final locations on the upper right for cards of the same suit, stacked in increasing rank order (Ace to King). The location of each suit on the foundation does not matter, however once the Ace of a suit is placed in a foundation, subsequent cards must be of the same suit, and one rank higher. Cards cannot be moved from the foundation once placed. Tableau : Eight cascades of cards in the middle of the board where the initial cards are dealt randomly. All cards moved on the tableau by a player build on the existing tableau by being placed on a card of the opposite color and one rank lower than the moved card. The allowed moves include: Any card in a free cell or the top card of a tableau can be moved to any empty free cell, empty tableau, built on a tableau, or built on a foundation. Once all cards have been moved to a foundation, the game is won. If you are not already familiar with the game, it is available for play on many systems including Microsoft Windows (Games FreeCell), and Ubuntu Linux (as one of the solitaire games in AisleRiot). Versions of FreeCell can also be found online. Play a few (and just a few! You’ve got some coding to do! ) games to familiarize yourself with it. For more information on the game and rules, see the Wikipedia entry for FreeCell: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreeCell In this homework assignment, you will be implementing a game tree and AI for the computer to play. Make sure that you read this description carefully and thoroughly so that you fully understand the assignment and its concepts. Also, look at the generated documentation 1 (generated from the JavaDoc) to understand how the code works. You will also likely need to reference the Java API documentation 2 . 1 http://www-users.itlabs.umn.edu/classes/Spring-2010/csci1902/api 2 http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/api
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Getting started The files for this assignment are available on the course website at: http://www-users.itlabs.umn.edu/classes/Spring-2010/csci1902/homeworks/1902hw6.zip Download this archive to your computer, unzip it, and open the project in NetBeans. The code that you are given in the source package has correct class interfaces and access specifiers. You
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1902hw6writeup - CSci 1902 Homework 6(Version 2 Due...

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