1902HW3Writeup - CSci 1902 Homework 3 Due: March 4 th ,...

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Unformatted text preview: CSci 1902 Homework 3 Due: March 4 th , 2010, 4:00pm (before class) Goals - Develop a simulation of a population of humans working together and against each other. Investigate what happens in different types of societies.- Experience the benefits of lists and inheritance in Java. - Get a chance to work on an individual homework without having to put up with those annoying group members. Introduction This homework will give you experience working with lists and inheritance in Java. You will be implementing portions of a world simulation. Make sure that you read this entire description before starting so that you know exactly how the simulation behaves and what you are required to do. Getting started The files for this assignment are available on the course website at: http://www-users.itlabs.umn.edu/classes/Spring-2010/csci1902/homeworks/csci1902hw3.zip Download this archive to your computer (you may choose to save this in your NetBeansProjects directory, or in some other directory where you are collecting your Java programs) and unzip it. To unzip the archive in linux, use the following command in a Terminal: unzip 1902hw3.zip (This command should be run from the directory where you saved the csci1902hw3.zip file.) The unzipped directory is a NetBeans package, which consists of several files and subdirectories. You can open the package by using the Open Package menu, and selecting the top-level directory csci1902hw3. Opening this package in NetBeans will automatically create the project's file hierarchy. Note that most of the files provided are complete, and you will not need to modify them. Reading these classes can help you to better understand how the simulation works and may be fun and interesting as well. Homework Submission Homework must be submitted electronically via the online-submission utility. You will find the link, Submit Tool, on the course website. Before submitting, create a question.txt file in the top-level project directory. Include your name and X.500 ID in this file. Also, place your name in the @author tag in the header comment of each file you modify. Submit an archive containing all of your Java files and your question.txt file via the online submission system. When you submit, it will tell you the names of all the files you submitted make sure these are correct! If they are not, submit again. (You may submit as many times as you wish. Only your latest submission will be graded.) Overview of the Simulation We will be simulating a simplified version of the behavior of human societies. There is a world (implemented in the World class), which creates a grid of specified height and weight (the world) and tracks all items in the simulation. We call the simulation items Entities. There are a variety of Entities: Banks, Food Sources, and Humans (Police, Workers and Thieves). Each entity type is represented by its own Java class that inherits basic functionality from a parent Entity class. class....
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1902HW3Writeup - CSci 1902 Homework 3 Due: March 4 th ,...

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