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Name: __________________ Csci 3003 Midterm Exam #1, Part I Thursday, February 26, 2009 Guidelines (read carefully!) The exam will have two parts. Part I will be written and will ask you to interpret short sections of code, state the value of variables, and write very short series of statements. For Part II, we will ask you to write a slightly longer script for parsing a particular dataset, and you have the option of either writing your code by hand, or implementing your code on the computer. Here is a summary of the guidelines: No coding/running of programs for Part I. Turn in Part I before moving on to Part II. We recommend allotting 50-55 minutes for Part II, so you should finish Part I by approximately 2:50-3pm. No emails other than to send your script to us. It is quite easy for us to tell if your script is based on someone else’s code so please do your own work! Anyone caught sharing/copying answers will receive a zero on the exam. If you choose to use the computer for Part II, you will need to email the finished script to Prof. Myers ( [email protected] ) and Sunayan ( [email protected] ) by the end of the class period (3:45pm) (no exceptions!). Part I 1. (10 pts) What is the value in the variable $sequence after each of the following series of statements? a. (3pts) my $sequence = “ATTCGATTCAG”; $sequence =~ s/TTC//; b. (3pts) my $sequence = “ATTCGATTCAG”; $sequence =~ s/TTC//g; c. (3pts) my $sequence = “ATTCGATTCAG”; $sequence =~ tr/ATCG/tagc/;
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2. (10 pts) Write a short series of statements that will compute and print the number of codons in the string $codons. my $codons = “AUG,UUA,GAU,CAU,AAA,AAC,GCG,GGA”;
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Csci3003_midterm1_Spring2009 - Name Csci 3003 Midterm...

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