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2008 AnS 319 syllabus

2008 AnS 319 syllabus - AnS 319 Animal Nutrition Spring...

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AnS 319 – Animal Nutrition - Spring 2008 Instructor: Dr. Howard Tyler 294-6434 123 Kildee Hall [email protected] Office hours: By appointment Lecture Notes: Lecture notes will be available in PowerPoint format on the class server site (\\Lab-server3\AnsLab\Class\AnS319). There will also be supplemental material available on the class server site. Please keep in mind that these notes in no way represent the total amount of material you are expected to know for exams and quizzes. Therefore, class participation is encouraged. Students should print out class notes prior to class and “fill in” the missing information during the lecture. Recommended Textbook: Jurgens and Bregendahl, Animal Feeding & Nutrition 10th Ed., Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company Course objectives: This course is designed to introduce concepts and principles of animal feeding and nutrition. The nutrition concepts will generally apply to all species, and differences among species will be highlighted. Some specific objectives of the course are:
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