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1 COMPLEXITY THEORY CSci 5403 LECTURE I: BASICS Undergrad Graduate 4-5 courses/semester 2 courses/semester 3 hrs/week/credit Not necessarily “base of knowledge” research prep Complexity theory studies the inherent limitations of computing with bounded resources, such as: Time Space Spacetime Parallel time Number of random bits Interaction Ominiscient Advice Communication Because we are interested in what cannot be done, we use tools of mathematics and logic: proofs. This course is not about: “Counting steps” {bits, etc…} (We will do a lot of it, though.) How to write proofs (If you can’t do them already, drop.) Non-linear dynamics (try the math or statistics departments.)
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2 GRADING 8 HOMEWORKS – 40% 4 TAKE HOME EXAMS – 40% 3 HW SOLUTIONS – 20% HOMEWORK 8 Times per semester: Homework will be due at the start of lecture. New Homework will be posted on the web. Each Homework is 5 questions. You may choose to work in groups of up to 3. Every homework must be typeset using LaTeX. Question grading scale: 0 – No significant understanding 1 – “right idea” but important gaps 2 – basically correct Grade translation: A = 62-80, B=50-61, C = 38-49 EXAMS 4 Take-Home exams – dates already set Each exam is 1 question. Posted at noon, due in 48 hours. Worst exam score dropped.
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