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Chapter 15 Research case

Chapter 15 Research case - difficulty of the surgery...

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25th Aug. 2011 Module 1, Group A, GDB 1 RE: Chapter 15, Research Case There are about a million different ways this situation could go in a court of law. The other six doctors maybe liable depending on the outcome of the lawsuit and how the partnership is set up. You are correct it will depend upon what state the partnership is in and what state the lawsuit it filed in. An individual can live in another state and file charges in that state and not the state where it happen. This is also dependent upon the laws of the state. The court may look at the
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Unformatted text preview: difficulty of the surgery. Whether the doctor was qualified to perform the surgery and the risks associated with the surgery. This is also dependent on how much the other partners knew about this doctor ability to do that surgery. It will also have to be determined how bad of a decision the doctor made during the surgery. The liabilities of partnerships are subjective to the court that has the hearing. Reference: Hoyle, Joe B., Schaefer, Thomas F., & Doupnik, Timothy S. (2011). Advanced Accounting 10th McGraw-Hill Irwin. New York, NY....
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