Checks and Balances

Checks and Balances - NEWSAND VIEWS Biochemistry ndgenetics:checksand balances a p To henomenas a h But each approach as its limitations r

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NEWS AND VIEWS Biochemistry and genetics: checks and balances To study such complicated phenomena as transcriptional activation, biologists tum to two tried and true approaches - the biochemical and the genetic. Biochemisb use a stratesr of recon- struction. They seek to reconstitute bio- logical processes in test tubes. The first step is to develop an ass:ry that reveals the activity ol interest. The second is to purify the components of the cell neces- sary to reconstitute that activity from crude cell extracb. Finally, the purified proteins are studied individually and together to determine what each one does. Most d the thrcedozen proteins requircd for transcription of class ll genes were identified biochemicatlf 'to'I t. Geneticists, on the other hand, employ a stratety of destruction. They disrupt bio logical processes by making mutations and examining the consequences in living cells. The first step is to develop a screen for cells exhibiting disruption in the process being studied
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