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Mitosis: Interphase consists of G1/G0, S, G2 phases G0 – Resting phase, no cell division; 2N G1 – Gap/Growth 1, cell grows in size and reaches critical mass (restriction point); 2N S – Synthesis, DNA duplicates, organelles duplicate; 4N G2 – Gap/Growth 2, cell continues to grow in size; 4N M phase: Prophase – Chromosomes condense, mitotic spindle begins to form, nucleus begins to dissolve; 4N Prometaphase – nucleus is gone, mitotic spindle is fully formed and centrosomes migrate to poles, kinetochore microtubules connect to kinetochores of sister chromatids, polar microtubules connect to spindle and opposite microtubule, aster microtubules attach to cell matrix; 4N Metaphase – Sister chromatid pairs line up along the metaphase plate, microtubule tension acts as a checkpoint for this phase; 4N Anaphase – Sister chromatids separate, kinetochore microtubules shorten, polar microtubules lengthen, aster microtubules remain in place; 4N Telophase/Cytokinesis – Chromsomes decondense, nuclear membrane reforms (not from
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Mitosis_Meiosis_Lecture_Points - Mitosis Interphase...

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