study guide - Modernism Transitional experimentation: 1925...

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Modernism Transitional experimentation: 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes, Paris Rise of international modernism, final cultural transition from ethos of privilege to equality Opulence and luxury; Machine Age French Modernist Garden Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier 1861-1930- landscape architect in charge of parks/gardens at exhibition. o Persian, S. Spain influence in design o Cubism, surrealism, functionalism influence o Art Deco: sleekly ornamental style, luxurious furniture/design Gabriel Guevrekian 1900-1970- Garden of Water and Light (1925) o Viewing garden, triangular shape- geometric motif contained in opaque pink glass panes (screening walls), zigzag flower beds on incline, subdivisions of tiered pool, illuminated, revolving sphere in center. o Used plants as bedded masses of bold shapes/striking colors o Beaux-Arts system approach: axial planning/ architectural integration of building and site o Combined planning principles with studies in art history, arch., surveying, hydrology, road/wall construction, geology, meteorology, botany, horticulture, etc. Steele’s view: middle-class suburban garden private with hedge/tall shrubbery, screening from passersby, family life, friendship, day dreaming o Quasi-magical privacy, relaxation, fantasy, freedom o Inspired Garrett Eckbo, James Rose, Daniel Urban Kiley--- casual domesticity, fewer servants, appreciation of outdoors o Naumkaeg, estate of Mabel Choate, Stockbridge, MA 1926: Beaux-Arts and modernist abstract shaping of space/bold forms and color. Garden spaces- outdoor rooms; shaped space terrace, Afternoon Garden’s relationship to house, wall to screen entrance drive, elm trees to frame view, 4 fountains (like Generalife, Granada ) Not only shaping, but foreground and background design Blue low arched grottoes with four paired staircases for Choate to travel to greenhouse/cutting garden Robert Burle Marx and the Garden as Abstract Art (1909-1994)
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study guide - Modernism Transitional experimentation: 1925...

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