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10/20 Exam: Lec. 8-11 Ch. 7 Structure of Earth Materials of Earth o Minerals: crystals of compounds o Rocks, composed of these crystals Igneous (extrusive, intrusive) Sedimentary Metamorphic o Structure of earth Crust Mantle Core o Geologic tme scale o Plate tectonics Sea floor spreading Lithosphere, asthenosphere Lithospheric plates Sedimentary rocks formed from sediments of other types of rocks o Often layered, compressed and cemented o With heat, intense pressure metamorphic rocks o Extrusive or intrusive Earth
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Unformatted text preview: • Inner core, outer core, lower mantle, upper mantle o Dense in inner core, density increases in successive layers o Solid iron in core • continental crust o density: 2700 kg m^-3 Lithosphere and asthenosphere • lithosphere o crust and uppermost mantle o average thickness of approx. 70km o strong but brittle, tends to fracture under stress • asthenosphere o weak zone in upper mantle o from 70 to about 700km depth o relatively weak, ductile deforms plastically o...
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